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PACE Character Trait for the month of November is Citizenship

PACE Character Award

Partners Advancing Character Education (PACE) is a Spokane Valley initiative. PACE features a different character trait each month to be the focus of multi-faceted communication, motivation and educational programs throughout the entire month. The PACE Awards is an appreciation event to honor and celebrate students who demonstrate the importance of good character. 
The character trait for November is Citizenship. What is citizenship? 
Citizenship is positively contributing to society and community as well as dutifully respecting authority and the law. 
“Citizenship means taking seriously our responsibility to make our country the best place it can be.” Dana Mannino, Spokane County Library District librarian. PACE guest columnist November 2019.
“Citizenship is about helping and supporting peers and community members through the ups and downs of life.” Brooke DeRuwe, a 2018 senior at Central Valley High School. PACE guest columnist November 2018.


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