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Principal's Page

My name is Matt Chisholm and I am the Principal of Spokane Valley Learning Academy (SVLA). SVLA is an Alternative Learning Option that services families and students who are in grades K-8. We are truly a small environment for students to receive an education that is warm, positive, and in partnership with the family. Each family is paired with a certificated teacher who works with families in developing and navigating a personalized learning plan.


Education at SVLA is truly a partnership. We view the parent as a key contributor to their child’s  education. We provide the resources for this education to take place. Our teachers also provide classes for the students to attend if further support is needed. We encourage families to volunteer and participate in our family-facilitated workshops and PTO. It is our goal to know the individual needs of each and every child and develop a true parent partnership.


I feel fortunate to be the Principal at SVLA for many reasons: getting to know students and families, providing an alternative learning option for students that is personalized and flexible, and getting to work with excellent teachers, to name a few. Please feel free to reach out and learn more about our program by calling 509-558-5700 or emailing me with any questions at [email protected]. I look forward to meeting you!



Matt Chisholm

Principal, SVLA K-8