Overview, Mission

What is Spokane Valley Learning Academy?

We are an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) program designed to support families who want to provide home-based instruction for their children. Our program includes support to families by providing curriculum, exploratory workshops, on-campus classes, and guidance from a certificated teacher. We at SVLA believe in home-based instruction and support your decision to do so.


Who can attend SVLA?
Children from grades K-8 in and around Spokane area are invited to be a part of our learning community.

What types of classes are offered?

Elementary and middle school students have the opportunity to be involved in Science, Language Arts, Math, History/Social Studies and other exploratory opportunities such as Thematic Studies, Art, Health & Fitness and Technology classes.

Are there any requirements?
We follow the WA State ALE requirements and thus, collaborate with parents to create a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP). Together with a certificated teacher you will monitor student progress related to the WSLP and make monthly progress reports. Weekly contact/check in is also required, and this may be in the form of communication that best suits you (i.e., phone calls, emails).

We follow all CVSD enrollment requirements which includes records of immunizations.

Does my child have to be tested?
Since full-time SVLA students are considered to be Central Valley School District students, they are expected to take the same tests that any public school student would take.

Will I lose my homeschool status?
By law, if SVLA manages all of your child's studies, they are considered a full time public school student and are no longer a homeschool student.